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Proven Leadership You Can Trust During Difficult Times.

It's a fast-changing world and at Salof we are committed to continued success for our employees and their families by  exceeding our customers goals.  This requires a vigorous culture that is based on teamwork, creativity and enthusiasm!

Vice President Operations
Randy Elson

"I believe in an empowered workforce that is connected to the 'bottom line' of the business and is encouraged to innovate for success. 


I believe our people will deliver your success."

+1 (580) 761-5906

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"The global Carbon Capture market alone is set to grow by at least 20% by 2028 and I believe Salof, with our significant experience in this sector and unique ability to support customers with appropriately scaled investments, reducing CAPEX, are the ideal delivery partner."

+1 (830) 708-0765

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George Salof

"In this post pandemic, Geo-politically charged 'new reality' I believe Salof maybe the unique manufacturing partner that has the required  capability,  capacity and commitment to successfully deliver your refrigerated LNG and / or CO2 project needs."

+1 (830) 225-1744

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